Muhammad Hamdi

Doctor in Management Science | People & Organization Development | Interest in Religious Entrepreneurship Study

About me

I help people to achieve sustainability of business and maximize their return on investment.
Specialties: Consulting, Training, & Research
1. Production and operation management
2. Corporate strategy
3. Strategy and roadmap IT
4. Human resources management and benefit
5. Organizational design
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Marketing dan sales
8. Public service monitoring system
9. Change management.

What I do







Professional Staff

Lembaga Pendidikan Perkebunan, Jan 2004 – May 2019 (15 yrs 5 mos)

   Description of Duties:

  1. Responsible in planning, designing, and implementing training programs (incl. Training Management, and Trainers’ Training, Competency Based Human Resources Management).
  2. Responsible in conducting training needs survey and analysis.
  3. Responsible in developing Human Resource Management System (Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Career Management, Reward Management (incl. Remuneration, Incentive and Merit System), Termination System, Job Analysis, Restructuring and Organizational Development, Teamwork Building Programs.


  1. Human Resources Management for Polytechnic LPP
  2. Introduction of Economics for Polytechnic LPP
  3. Human Resources Management for Manager Course

Project Manager for Business Transformation

PT LPP Agro Nusantara, Jan 2019 – Sep 2021 (2 years 9 months)

Operational Director & Senior Executives Vice President

 PT LPP Agro Nusantara, Jun 2019 – Sept 2021 (2 year 5 months)

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